Installing Sikka

1. Open the Sikka Utility installer

Note: you may see an warning pertaining to the requirements (usually the CPU) - you may click continue to ignore the error. See, 

2. Authenticate using a password

By default, you will need a security code. We will select password authentication using the option found below.

3. Provide the email and password

Enter your credentials and hit "Next"

4. Practice Management System

By default, Sikka should detect everything it needs. Select "Next" to proceed.

A PMS User Name and PMS Password are typically not required if it's being installed directly on the server.

Note: In rare cases you may need to populate the Version. If you do not know the version; just select the latest one.

5. Wait for installation to complete

Sikka will download some files and you may need to click through some dialogs; this varies from system to system. This process generally takes ~10 minutes to complete. 

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